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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 17, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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thank you to my panel and thank all of you for watching. we hope to see you right here next week. >> a fox news alert. the white house and intelligence community weighing in on a new chapter as special counsel, robert mueller's investigation. after a federal grand jury indicted 13 russian nationals and three russian companies for their part in an elaborate plot to meddle in the 2016 presidential election. >> good to have you all with this. good to have you here alisha. >> indictment alleges the russian nationalists worked behind the scenes using social media. to give them, then candidate
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donald trump an edge over her lucrative midwest is the development banks of the presidents claims of no collusion since the efforts date back to 2014. >> the president said it multiple times. this makes it clear and concise the american people improves the president correct. no collusion between donald trump, his campaign in russia. also, i think this is important also. it did not affect the outcome of the election whatsoever. what the russians were trying to do as outlined by deputy attorney general rosenstein. was to create chaos in the american election system. >> we have team coverage right now. we are live in the london bureau for the reaction from russia. we begin with ellison barber. they said actually bought computer servers instead of the us so they could hide that fact that their communications and
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social media posts were actually coming from russia. they were charges related to interference in the 2016 presidential election for 20 indictment a defendant posted derogatory information about a number of candidates and by early to mid 2016, the operations included supporting the presidential campaign of then candidate, donald j trump and disparaging hillary clinton. >> russians also recruited and played real americans to engage in political activities and political campaigns and stage political rallies. there is no allegation in the indictment that any american was a knowing participant in this illegal act. there is no allegation in the indictment that the charge conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election. >> all of this allegedly began in 2014. the president is presented at as something that is proves
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allegations between the russia and trump campaign present tweeting this afternoon, but have a fake news media does not want to say that the russian group was formed in 2014. long before my run for president. maybe they knew i was going to run even though i did not know. in 2014, trump spoke to the daily beast second 2014. donald trump was asked if he was considering a presidential run. he replied, in part quote - while i'm thinking about i'm certainly looking at it and will cleanse and will see held that shape the company is empty and you want me to do it. i billions of twitter followers and facebook followers. many millions. they really want me to but we'll see who runs. i will examine what is going on and after the beginning of the new year i will make a decision. it was at least publicly out there in 2014 that he was talking about this as a potential campaign. i want to print that out. >> thank you. continue team coverage now on
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this, russia dismissing the indictment special counsel the russian foreign minister saying quote - you can publish anything until we see the facts, everything else is just bladder. we pick up the story there live from london. >> it is pretty dismissal therefrom the minister. also had some comments from present mike pence that no foreign power and actually influenced the outcome of the election. the foreign minister of russia not really acknowledging that russia did nothing but inferring if they had, nothing became of, there was really nothing to talk about. now -- russia's ambassador to the united states during the election campaign, his name came up an awful lot in regards to the allegations of collusion between russia and the trump campaign. he was in munich today as well with the would-be russian
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foreign minister. he simply does not trust because law enforcement has about russia. he says that everything that comes out of law enforcement right now is effectively partisan. attempts really at divided american political establishment to get at donald trump and escape russia in the process. finally, we heard from -- he is also known as president vladimir putin is just because his parent company does a lot of the crime the question president. he is the most important of the 13 russian nationals that are actually identified in that indictment. a russian reporter spoke with them last night after the indictment came out asked him what he thought about his name being included in the indictment. he said look, americans are noble people. they are going to see what they want to see. incidentally, the ap has video
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out of what they say is the new headquarters of a troll factory in st. petersburg, russia. the justice department in this says was used to launch this influence campaign. here in the us election back in 2016. and according to the justice department was funded by -- >> back to you. >> thank you for the epic london. >> is more of what we know about the man that they have jobs let americans cook. he owns a company that has provided food for state dinners in the past. he controls two companies affect online trolling. 3.1 billion in contracts from the kremlin. over the past five spirit and founded a popular news site promoting nationalism. joining me now cia analyst,
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buck sexton that served and intelligence. thank you for joining us. let's talk more about the cook. super rich, connected, the more your mother mean asq neighbor for a favor and subpoena someone yes i have a guy. this is his guy. >> he comes from this group of people that benefited dramatically from the fall of the soviet union and had a lot of access to state resources. that of course me that he also had a lot of access to vladimir putin. that is why people are looking at this now and recognizing that this is an individual who has gotten large state contracts as he mentioned but also has been involved in what you consider to be some of the more underhanded aspects of russians. ukrainians exposure for example, someone who has been sanctioned for his activities, involved with russian troops and ukraine and trying to deploy them. so you have patrol factories, this is a guy that i don't
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think anyone has been following closely it is to see his name in his indictment request he said that he is straight out of central casting in a mob movie. everything made about him. he does a little bit of everything. >> russia's state sometimes is referred to something as a mafia state and is largely run by people who are former members of the intelligence service during the soviet era. let me quit being a former kgb man. but most of the interaction to the top-level estate have to do with just person-to-person contact. sometimes i involved things that we would see as problematic from the us point of view. whether it is ukraine meddling in the election, what is going on in syria and other instances. >> problematic. >> yes. >> to say the least. we have 13 attendance of 13 russian nationals three companies. this investigation is not over. what are some of the unanswered questions that you see here? especially question been too
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major both the special counsel has been up to. one specifically with interference in the election. we have specificity and names and details about the troll farms and factories. the other component is any collusion. up to including someone in the trump campaign. we have seen nothing on that yet. rod rosenstein, deputy attorney general made it clear that none of this is to say that there was collusion and also that he is making clear known as saint basil the indictment that this change the outcome of election. however, as this continues there will be partisans on both sides who view this as either it should be over or no, we just have not gone to the truth yet. i think if they had collusion evidence, we would have had a better by now. but democrats in congress said that with the watch and wait for this to finish. some deals are being made. we have steve bannon face-to-face with mr. robert mueller.
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just recently. where is this headed if it is not there. >> well, it is very possible that we will see additional indictments of russians and just because we have not seen an indictment of a us person although there was someone tied to the identity theft portion of this. but not anyway part of what is being typed information warfare by the russians. there was american national out of 20. but we could see further indictments. even a superseding indictment that would be well beyond what is already there. we are all in the wait and see mode. this is conducted in secret and it will go on for some months. perhaps even years to come. >> you know investigations. you know the way they work. step-by-step. one thing can lead to another. 50 politicalization of all of this by both sides. during victory laps over these indictments. is it too soon for that?it is to simply probe continues on. it looks good for the trump
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campaign that at this point, going on now 18 months hearing about russia collusion, there has been no collisionprovision . when alleged from the senior levels of the probe or doj. that said, we have to see what happens going forward and into the future. i would also note that in the big problem is that people are looking at the troll factories and interference in the election and saying, we need to stop it. there is reporting behind maybe a problem for the midterm election. had he stopped people from creating fake facebook accounts and spreading information is false and you do not like? it is difficult to do. no one has gone beyond russia's interfering is the massive problem for us the internet is a global thing. trying to track down sock puppets and trolls is a big job for even facebook and google. the us government will have a tangible challenge in dealing with this. >> buck sexton, thank you. >> the president visits parkland, florida meeting with
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the virus and firsters of wednesday's school shooting. the president tweeting this. our entire nation one heavy heart continues to pray for the victims and their families in perth, with. teachers, law enforcement, responders and medical professionals responded so bravely in the face of danger, we thank you for your courage. rick leventhal is in parkland today. >> this entire community is in morning dealing with the tragedy most never trained they would face. and they are now thinking of tearing down this building where the evil attack was carried out. we are also learning nothing 19-year-old now admitting he pulled the trigger. apparently wants to plead guilty in exchange for life in prison. states attorney is saying, not so fast to writing that this certainly is the type of case that death penalty was designed for. this was a highly calculated and premeditated murder of 17 people and attempted murder of
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everyone in the school. our office will announce our formal position at the appropriate time. officials now scrambling to explain how warning signs were ignored. including the fbi they got a call to the public tip line 6 weeks ago for the person close to nikolaus cruz collect information on his gun ownership, designed to kill people, erratic behavior and disturbing social media posts and the potential that he might in fact, commit a school shooting. but the information was never forwarded where it was supposed to go. >> the fbi has determined that protocol was not followed. the information was not provided to the miami field office. no further investigation was conducted at the time. >> pros are now beginning, immemorial is also taking shape at a nearby plane trails park where people are leaving flowers and balloons and messages of love and support. >> we have to be there for one
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another. you do not have to know the person to go up to them and offer them a hug or a prayer. it is veryimportant , you will be surprised how someone is just so much in need of a hug. >> the shooter is scheduled back in court monday. as the grieving continues here, every day. >> thank you. >> will congress take action to try to prevent mass shootings like this again? >> what happened yesterday and because it has happened so often, people from across the political spectrum are arguing, there has to be something we can do. you have to be able to do something. >> our panel on the debate of what should be addressed, gun reform for mental health treatment or both? and the newly unfilled records showing a texas entrustment headaches probably past.when he is accused of doing. but whih commission investment products,
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worshipers. the wife of devin kelley says he was abusive to her during their marriage. kelly was accused of sexual assault by a second woman back
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in 2013. according to newly built court records investigators were not able to reach accuser for follow-up questioning. voice messages to the wife's phone were not returned. the case was listed as inactive. devin kelley shot and killed worshipers at first baptist church in november. he later turned the gun on himself. >> once again we see the urgency congress to take sense action. to prevent gun violence.i would rather pass gun safety legislation then win the election. because people die from this. >> we passed legislation cleaning of the instant background check system. that bill with others is sitting over the united states senate. if there's someone who is not supposed to get a gun and is coming out why that is. and fix that. >> so complex and perplexing. the question now followed by
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another mass shooting. how congress will react to growing calls for action on gun control and mental illness treatment. it is a problem that does not have a solution for nikolaus cruz obtained his legally. even though there were several red flags about his behavior in recent months. so the question now, what can be done? the spring in our panel, jessica deloach, shawn steel republican national committee men for california. thank you for joining us. at the top of mind, walker's clear mind at this entire tragedy and what congress cannot do?>> it is so frustrating. i watch -- go ahead jessica. a democrat from arkansas always has my respect. >> very sweet, thank you. i want to say that the public cannot and will not continue to stay on this continued
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preventable and has been a breakdown in information being cast along from government agencies to other people who can make our schools safer. i get that. but guess what? immunized is, people accused of domestic violence can still obtain firearms. half of all women who are killed each year are killed by romantic partners. this guy, who perpetrated this mass murder is a person who was expelled from the school because of his behavior toward an ex-girlfriend. it is not like that without advance warning. we are closing loopholes that are supposed to keep people safe. i will go down list by lifting my friend a chance to jump in. >> please do. >> i think that see if he received from government agencies that have plenty of knowledge about the character and behavior of hub clinic
1:22 pm
newly exposed the first apartment was at his home 39 times. and no follow-up. but mostly there been this is usually compromised and the fbi had two hard pieces of evidence to follow up on as recent as january 5. we have government at all levels that failed to take appropriate action to have a discussion with this person. having serious psychiatric outbound analysis. more laws will not solve this. the fbi needs to be reformed, the police department needs to look at the behavior. what is a school district doing for god sakes? but i want to play something from sheriff scott israel who had something to say. >> people who are the victim of mental health illnesses in this
1:23 pm
country are being treated. the opinion of the sheriff should not be able to purchase, surround themselves purchase or carry a handgun. those two things don't mix. >> if you are an elected official and you want to do things the same way. you want to now, you will not get reelected in broward county. >> alright so let's drill down. he is basically saying something has to be done. let's point out as you have already pointed out, that nikolaus cruz charged, his public defender describes them as being a broken child. something from development problems and fact, there were warning signs all over as you discussed. so what does congress need to do and furthermore, as you were talking about, the local police department, the local fbi, the local school district.
1:24 pm
what do you do about this situation? >> jessica let's start with you first to request a let's be part of this conversation congress be allowed to act and they need to act fast they been dragging their feet. the inaction is unacceptable. they need to listen to the american people. there is public polling data that suggest there is overwhelming support for sensible reforms that we have not yet tried. i understand that passing more laws will not be a cure all. bypassing no laws, working on no reform, that is not a strategy to success. that is just laziness. and the people in congress do not have the will to do that the let's elect people who do have the will. people who do have hope and people who want to work. because the body count is stacking up and no one is doing anything. and that is unacceptable. >> is a problem. when you purchase a gun in florida or perhaps anywhere in the united states, there is a question on the application that asked have you ever been adjudicated as mental defective or faint chain.
1:25 pm
it is a good question to ask who will be honest enough to admit to having a mental problem on an application that may lead them to being denied the firearm that they wish to purchase the first place? >> certainly not a busy person will filled out correctly. if a politically correct culture afraid to identify something that has a real clear present danger to society. i do believe that you have someone at his well known in the community to have serious mental issues, he needs to be helped. he needs a silo. he also needs to never be able to get a gun. or any mass weapon of violence. we have the laws in place but even house are presented as have a background check sitting in his. there is plenty on the books that we cannot be afraid to identify problem people and that is what the pc crowd and aclu is all worried about.
1:26 pm
>> thank you shawn steel, we are running out of time. i will end this by saying, jessica has pointed out must have the will to act. if they don't, something is has to be done about congress. thank you both. >> chief of staff john kelly is planning to overhaul the white house policy on security clearances. what will it mean for the son-in-law and senior advisor, jared kushner? plus, the city chicago says goodbye to a fallen hero. >> all of us should use his life and how he lived it as support to keep us all going. we should also serve as an example to help us all be better people and better police officers. ou really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag. two united club passes. priority boarding.
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john kelly, making changes to the west wing to the security clearance process pretty pleasant remove access to
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top-secret information. the white house staffers would only an interim security clearance starting next to it is a move that can directly impact the president son-in-law and senior advisor, jared kushner. we have more from washington. >> white house chief of staff, john kelly, is overhauling the white house handles security clearances. he outlined changes to the security process in a memo that begins what the american people deserve a white house staff that meets the highest standards. it has been carefully vetted, especially those who work closely with the president or handle sensitive national security information. we should end the future must, do better. this after a week of criticism of his handling of the former white house staff secretary, rob porter. and here he remained working at the white house after security clearance investigation revealed months ago that allegations of abuse from two ex-wives. and now congress is investigating. >> i also want to know is a form of domestic violence prosecutor, how in the world someone with credible
1:32 pm
allegations of domestic violence to be hired for any position in government? especially the white house. a separate from any clearance issues. >> is directly to personally brief the white house on friends but he says this is infinitely derogatory. he expects to receive updates on all pending white house background investigations at least once a month. and as situations arise. kelly says the white house will revoke all interim top security clearances for those his investigations began june 1 were before. that could affect type white house advisor and son-in-law, jared kushner. his clearance is the. >> thank you rich from washington. >> chief of staff, john kelly has been no stranger to controversy. he most recently came under fire on handling domestic abuse allegations against former white house staff secretary, rob porter. let's bring in morgan, a reporter for the hill.
1:33 pm
hi morgan thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> clearly some changes need to be made when it comes to security clearances at the white house. is this enough to help general kelly out? >> i think it is still an open question. i think one thing that is going to be part of the narrative in the coming days is the question of why this took so long. it is a controversy that has really sketched on for the white house. for nearly 2 weeks. finally, it is generated this mental where he clearly took control of the situation and acknowledge some blame. but i think the issue is going to be how the white house handled it and how the process actually affects the way that security clearances are handled going forward. i think it is still an open question whether this really takes kelly off of the chopping block. >> one but the president son-in-law, jared kushner? he has a broad portfolio when it comes to responsibilities in the white house. the washington post reporting nest. kushner has been present at
1:34 pm
meetings with the president with classified information discussed and has access to the presidents daily brief. digestive intelligence updates based on information from spies, satellites and surveillance technology. according to people with of his access and apart from staff on a national security council, issues more request for information to the intelligence community than any white house employee. what happens to him in the new world of security clearances? >> if the white house really go forward and says stricter process, it will have a big effect on the way jared kushner conducts his duties as you mention he is a very folio. portfolio a very folio. he needs classic to do things and clearly requesting more than almost anyone else in the white house. this would basically you know, wall him off from that
1:35 pm
information and would make jared kushner probably less of a force within the white house. >> youth a clamp on him he would not work so closely with the president on these things? >> i think that is an open question pretty good read his memo at face value and assume he will implement this process then yes, probably. but obviously, we have not seen actual implementation, actual steps being taken. jared kushner obviously has very strong influence with the president. and it is clear that he is done a very large role in the white house. i think it is a question of whether they actually will crackdown on his access to this information and if you will have an effect on his job. >> was talk more about changes. there implemented, how does it impact day today at the white house? from what we understand things are not exactly buckled down the way the secretary of state had hoped to have it. if there is a clamp down,
1:36 pm
doesn't that impact the way everyone gets work done?>> of course! especially important to remember that we have reports of dozens of white house aides operating with interim security princes not really necessarily know the, beyond petitioner and others who they are but it is clear that a lack of white house officials are not operating with permanent security clearances and therefore, would be affected by this new change in policy. >> thank you so much, morgan chalfant, we appreciate it. >> one of the brave members of law enforcement is laid to rest police commander paul -- was fatally shot when he was chasing a suspect. say officers from across the nation paying respects to a fallen comrade. brian yanez is live. >> a summer two days. three funerals in three states
1:37 pm
for four police officers including a police commander, paul paul bauer. he was shot six times and killed tuesday in downtown chicago. there is a foot chase after a four-time convicted felon. thousands attended the funeral for paul bauer stay at the nativity of our lord church police officers from all over the country honoring the highest ranking police officer to be killed in londonderry there in decades. rents and family said that paul bauer death is a consequence of violence in chicago. they urge people to remember paul bauer for how he lived. >> he embodied integrity. honesty, selflessness, perseverance, humility, a strong faith. and perhaps most importantly, a great sense of humor. >> the cook county jail officials also said five inmates to face harsher sentences after security video caught them despicably flapping
1:38 pm
for the man charged in shooting officer paul bauer as he walked into jail for the first time. in the meantime, in westerville ohio on friday hundreds of officers on it officer eric joering and tony marelli. both police veterans were shot and killed responding to a call last week. officer eric joering k-9 officer walked in front of his music. >> they gave their lives. to become true american heroes they were american heroes way before that. and the families know that. let's enjoy this, police officer james maddox was laid to rest for the 26 road was shot and killed by a man who failed to appear for a warrant. runs remember him as the life of the party. 10 police officers have been shot and killed in line of duty already in the first month and and a half of 2018.
1:39 pm
>> it has been a tough month say thank you for that report. >> a deadly helicopter crash. the chopper going down in an area that was already suffering. details on this tragedy, nest. >> was the fbi facing scrutiny after failing to act in a warning about the florida gunman. however attorney general jeff sessions is reacting. but first, this is vice president mike pence. >> as a vice president let me assure you we are continuing to bring full resources of the federal government to support broward county sheriffs office and in support of the investigation. we will get to the bottom of what happened here. alice is living with metastatic breast cancer,
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earthquake hitting mexico about 350 miles south of the capital of mexico city. it caused buildings to shake but not causing any deaths. in the wake of the earthquake, a military helicopter carrying
1:44 pm
government officials assessing damage crash. killing 13 people. all on the ground. >> there are new calls for action fbi accused of mishandling of eight for the suspected florida school shooter. as reported earlier in this test, the bureau was notified about the 19-year-old, nikolaus cruz last month youtube blogger. was concerned about the suspects post. but they say, the tip was never passed along to the bureau miami field office. attorney general, jeff sessions, weighing-in during exclusive interview with foxbusiness anchor, and prodromal. >> i met with the sheriff just a few weeks? we need to do a better job of receiving these signs and acting on them and following up on the. it is probably the most valuable thing we can do to stop these kind of cases. >> jeff sessions also releasing a statement that reads, it is
1:45 pm
now clear that the warning signs that were there and tips fbi were missed. we see this tragic consequences of those failures. the fbi in conjunction with the state and local partners must act flawlessly to prevent all attacks. this is imperative and we must do better. to me now, we have florida state representative joseph geller. thank you for joining us today. my heart and my prayers and condolences to the people of your community. because there started a sea of grief and mourning. and then hearing revelations about the fbi missing key clues as well as the local police missing key clues because they responded to the home of nikolaus cruz at least 20 different times in the past. no one got the pieces together. and as a result, 17 lines have
1:46 pm
been tragically and senselessly lost. to that end, what can be done to prevent anything from like this from happening again? >> we need to take into account, even if this had been acted on in a different way which would have been preferable, there are limited actions that law enforcement are permitted to take. even if they have gone out to this young man's house and reported it. he had purchased their weapon at a time when it was still lawful for him to.and he had not yet, as far as i'm aware, committed a crime at that point. so it is very unclear what the fbi or law enforcement would have actually been able to do had they gone to his house with the benefit of the fifth. it could not arrest him and my understanding is that they could not seize the weapon without personal tools. i think we need those kinds of tools. >> and that is something that the state legislature, as well
1:47 pm
as the congress of the united states can examine debate and find ways they can, as broward county sheriff, scott israel, said give us more tools. >> there is one pending right now actually. house bill 31 something called a risk protection law enforcement the right to petition a court say to someone with either violent, they have been an abuser, have committed a violent crime or they may be mentally unstable. we want to take their weapon away from them. it would be done with due process. it would not be permanent unless there was some reason for it to be. but you would have the opportunity to go into court and say this person has made threats, they are not in their right mind for they are just
1:48 pm
dangerous. we want to take the weapons the current law, without that, i do not know what the fbi could have done if they went to his house and not do as well as he said yes, i'm going to kill people it is true. if he sent i was just blowing off steam, they will probably be able to interview him but they could not take the gun and they would have had to leave. we need the law that will say, if you are not well, or you are dangerous, you may have to forfeit the weapon. you get due process but we need that kind of tool or law enforcement hands are tied. i think it is being lost in this discussion about the tip dismissed what would they have done? >> it is good of you to ask that. and you are saying that if you see something, say something. but the question also remains if you see something, say something. somewhere along the line you anticipate that the police department and fbi to do something about it. you are saying that you want a
1:49 pm
law that provides -- >> they have to be able to have a way to get that weapon out of the hands of the dangerous person. presuming that he is in fact, but it lawful. which we think is the case but not know. >> again as you know, a lot of people say because this nikolaus cruz was known to be trouble, even being expelled school. and never to head back to the school. the fact that he had so many issues, one might question why he was not studied and held in some sort of surveillance to be sure that he was kept in check and away from any possibility of causing harm. this is a guy by the way, who confessed to want to become a professional school shooter and sadly, he is accomplish that mission. >> again, that is why we need
1:50 pm
this additional tool for law enforcement. they have to be able as we said, see something, say something. but then do something. there has to be a way that they can go to violent people, dangerous people and say, then, with due process. but say, we are taking that weapon and the others that you have will not leave them in your hands until you commit this heinous crime. >> very good. florida state represent them, joseph geller, thank you for your perspective on this. and again my condolences and prayers to all of those in your district and in florida.>> thank you. >> you can catch the entire interview with attorney general jeff sessions on "sunday morning futures". is a lot to say. that is tomorrow morning at 10 am eastern time right here on the fox news channel. >> much of the east coast now bracing for another round of snow. it is already falling in washington. we will have more after the break.
1:51 pm
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the northeast and mid-atlantic. remember, it is the winter! look at the snow coming down outside of the white house right now.
1:55 pm
our meteorologist is live in the fox news weather center. adam, i am visiting from colorado and everyone says i'm the one that brought the snow. these have enough not true! >> it seemed like it as up to me for your definitely guilty! people always blame me for the wettest i like this for once. here is the system we are tracking. when the weather on the east coast for the rain and snow line actually just around the d.c. area. we saw all of this on the video at the white house. most of the rain just south of that. it will continue to lift before michael it will turn into rain. but this is just the beginning edges of the system that from new york to boston will drop quite a bit of snow. everything in the tank is a warning which is most of the weather will stretch from outside new york city up close to boston.anywhere in this area will project anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of total healthcare that will happen this evening running for the overnight hours. definitely hazardous, conditions with this system. this is the hour by hour
1:56 pm
forecast. you can timer this is. there is easy on the rain and snow line. the warmer air bubbles. we will see that turning into rain. here is the emotion of it. this is the time spent in the clinic in new york city in the evening hours, this will run overnight. that is when it will fill in from new york all the way towards boston. these will be discussed in this area you could get 4 to 8 inches of total snowfall. it will be in that corridor. you see it here with the real density. it is widespread but not a lot of snow. then if you're going back out west, here is the good news. >> yes? >> when you leave you will get nice for us on and! >> i appreciate it. >> we have to get out of here. that will do it for us. and may be signs of an imbalance of good bacteria. only phillips' colon health has this unique combination of probiotics. it provides four-in-one symptom defense. it's your daily probiotic. (vo)just one touch.ith with fancy feast creamy delights,
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we have functional indictments. robert mueller news investigation. this after federal grand jury charged 13 russian nationals claim he carried out the elaborate campaign to try and disrupt the 2016 presidential election. helping candidates donald trump, bernie sanders and jill stein. hello everyone welcomed your brand-new hour of "americas news headquarters". >> hello to everyone. the 37th agent debbie claims russians fragments information across social media. the goal, damage hillary clinton and


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